CRO Designer | Nov 18 – Oct 19
As a Conversion Rate Optimization Designer at KlientBoost, I worked with my account managers to tackle the needs of 20+ brands from various industries. This was done through the creation and A/B testing of landing page designs that follow CRO best practices. Through research and continual testing, I was able to consistently optimize each landing page to better communicate the unique value proposition. By focusing on each step of the client’s sales funnel, I produced higher conversion rates that ultimately lead to increased sales and sign-ups.

Hair In 1 Day specializes in the grafting of hair, beard, and eyebrows with a presence in Mexico and South America. They tout pain-free procedures with a 100% natural end-result.

Although Hair In 1 Day was already familiar with the Google Ads platform, they reached out to KlientBoost to expand. After two months of working with their account, we were able to increase their average monthly conversion volume by 17%, decrease ad spend by 42%, and decrease CPA by 48%.


With most of their competitors exploiting insecurities to capture leads, I crafted a landing page that focused on why Hair In 1 Day was technically the superior option. With pain being a common concern for most people considering these procedures, the copy also emphasized that the service was painless.

Although this created a solid foundation for the first round of testing, the major breakthrough moment was the implementation of a baldness treatment quiz that would help their doctors determine the best plan of action. Although this information helped as a starting point for their call team, its main function was to offer value to the user in trade for their contact information. We immediately noticed a large increase in lead volume and implemented the quiz on each new page moving forward.

Landing Page Designs

Matthew is a very talented designer who is always focused on the client and their goals. He quickly picked up CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) best practices and strategies. Managing multiple accounts, Matt was able to hit every deadline that was set. In the rare occurrence he could not hit a deadline, he was very communicative letting all necessary parties know the status of particular tasks and when the task would be completed. At times Matt would also work late to make sure everything in his client accounts was set up for success and on track for hitting goals.

Matt is a great addition to any team that is looking for solid design skills, attention to detail, and someone who can keep themselves accountable for deadlines. He also brews a mean cup of coffee =]

Tyler Bales

Director of Design, KlientBoost

Thanks for checking out my site!

Thanks for checking out my site!